Crosscurrents and Counterpoints:
Offerings on Honor of Bengt Hambræus at 70.

Edited by Per F. Broman (Luleå University of Technology, School of Music in Piteå) Nora A. Engebretsen (SUNY, Buffalo), and Bo Alphonce (McGill University).

Table of contents

  • Martin Lönnebo: Finally, Uppsala Cathedral Came Loose from the Gravel Embankment and Sailed Freely
  • Hope Lee: Bengt Hambræus - My Teacher, Friend, and Colleague
  • Berit Berling: "Luft von anderem Planeten"--In Honor of Bengt Hambræus, The Broadcaster
  • Paul Attinello: A Letter from Darmstadt
  • Ortwin Stürmer: Bengt Hambræus' Musik--Eine transzendentale Erfahrung
  • David Gramit: Musicology, Commodity Structure, and Musical Practice
  • Hans Hellsten: Brief Reflections on the Organ Art, The Glass Bead Game, and Bengt Hambræus
  • Christer Bouij: Music Caught Between a Grandiose Plan and Captious Pedantry--Ideology and Music in the Soviet Union
  • Maria Anna Harley: The Polish School of Sonorism and its European Context
  • Christina Tobeck: Frank Martin's Le vin herbé--A Study from a Stockholm Perspective
  • Alan Stout & Kathryn Gleasman Pisaro: An American in Copenhagen--An Interview with Alan Stout
  • Gunnar Bucht: History, Science, Art--Some Reflections
  • Joakim Tillman: "Punctured Rear Tire on an Enfeebled Meditative Wreck"--The Reception of Bengt Hambræus's Music During the 1950s
  • Werner Jacob: "Mein lieber alter Freund Bengt..." --Marginalien einer Freundschaft
  • Mitchell Morris: Ecotopian Sounds; or, The Music of John Luther Adams and Strong Environmentalism
  • K. Olle Edström: How Do We Know What We Hear Is What We Think We Hear?--Some Thoughts About the Process of the Socially Constructed Meaning of Music

  • Chris Howard: Completing the Circle--Bengt Hambræus's Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
  • Hans-Ola Ericsson: A Dream Come True --The Revival of the Seventeenth-Century Organ of the German Church in Stockholm
  • Andreas Jacob: Contrapuntal Techniques in the Manualiter Settings of Organ Chorales in Clavier-Übung III
  • alcides lanza: ...stories that Bengt knew...or not...
  • Mogens Andersen: Considering the Updating of a Masterpiece--Reflections On Bengt Hambræus's Constellations III
  • David Eagle: "Everything I Ever Needed to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten"--Notes on Bengt Hambræus as a Teacher
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen: Sieben Punkte zum Kulturpreis Köln--Dankeswort von Stockhausen anläßlich der Verleihung des Kulturpreises Köln im Käthe Kollwitz-Museum am 4. November 1996
  • John MacKay: Ensemble Strategies in Bengt Hambræus's Jeu de Cinq and Strata
  • Bruce Mather: Collage Technique in Carillon by Bengt Hambræus 246
  • Gunnar Weman: Deep Calls to Deep...
  • Per F. Broman: The Compositions of Bengt Hambræus & The Writings of Bengt Hambræus--A Selective Bibliography Back to index